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Mattin Laurent Partarrieu


Mattin Laurent Partarrieu is a painter of Basque origin, who dared to break with the traditional ways of the Basque artists who preceded him. His work is a very personal expression, of freedom and of extreme vitality, with the power of audacity. He draws on everyday life, visualising while going about his daily business, and some would probably say while sleeping judging by some of the dream-like fantasy figures he offers to us. They shine with eroticism, and the vibrant optimism of his burning colour palette. He fondly captures life with detail and nostalgia, continually drawing comparisons and confrontations between the two worlds to which he belongs - the idyllic countryside lifestyles of yesterday and the cosmopolitan Parisian lifestyles of today. The weird and wonderful world of cafes, restaurants, bars and bordellos feature often in his work, like references to the bygone era in the great tradition of Toulouse-Lautrec. The Alexander Miles Gallery features a wealth of stunning oil paintings for sale. Browsing and buying art online is simple with our new webstore. Here you can discover all kinds of inspiring artwork for sale from figurative to abstract, landscapes to still life.

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