Stuart Herd

Born in Scotland in 1971 Stuart has taken inspiration from the Scottish Landscapes that he has grown up in.  After working on Cruise ships as a photographer, a picture framer in Jamaica and in the mean time starting to produce Pen & Ink Cityscapes he moved back to Scotland in 2002 to pursue his art career.

In 2007 he opened "The Art Studio" - A place he could show his art and continue his picture framing business.  Unfortunately in 2011 he had an accident while building a wardrobe in his new family home which led to him loosing an eye. However he got himself back in the studio and 2 years later was again painting beautiful works which he stated that they were more "focused" and the pun was intended. 

His work is now sold all over the UK.  He paints a wide variety of paintings from: landscapes, highland coo's and rugby stadiums. 

As we are situated next door to the Famous Murrayfield Stadium we have selected a few of his detailed Rugby Paintings for show in the gallery. 

Artworks Available:

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